Common Mistakes When Maintaining a Business Blog

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Frequent mistakes on your business blog can cost you your online reputation and subscribers. People are easily turned off by lengthy paragraphs and information-dumping. There are just some things that you need to avoid in order to keep your followers. Listed below are the most common blogging mistakes that you need to avoid in order to keep your online business from waning.

1. Promotional Articles

It’s okay to throw in one or two promotional pitches in your articles but avoid overdoing it. Blog posts that sound too promotional are annoying and exhausting to read. Before writing an article about your product, keep in mind that you are doing it for blogging and not as a press release. Readers like to read real stories that they can relate to. Make your posts light and avoid making your articles look like a written billboard all the time.

2. Copy-Pasted Contents

Some business blog posts use the same features that their company posts when promoting their products on PR outlets. Avoid copy-pasting the technical definition of your products because readers want articles that are written in a way that’s applicable to their needs. Just post what your products can do and how they can benefit the customers without sounding too technical. For such benefits visit company blog.

3. Bad Content

Poor writing can be one of the pitfalls of your site. Before you publish a post or share it on social media sites, ensure that the article is written properly. Edit and proofread until you’re certain that the articles are free of grammatical and spelling errors. Have a professional check your articles so they can correct the usage of punctuations and the sentence structure. Posting bad contents on your website will reflect terribly on your company so avoid publishing contents that didn’t go through editing.

4. No Social Sharing Features

It’s very important these days to have a site that has all the social sharing buttons so readers can easily share the articles on their accounts. Social sharing is a way to generate traffic and new visitors so always make sure that the social media functions on your site are working and visible to readers.

5. Outdated SEO Strategies

Using outdated SEO strategies can really do bad things to your site because poor SEO tactics equate to lack of search engine ranking. Always learn about the new trends regarding SEO and the proper use of tags and keywords in order to strengthen the visibility of your website. Blogging has no use is you’re not optimizing your articles so make sure that you’re updated when it comes to the latest SEO tools and trends.

6. Chunks of Paragraphs and Confusing Terminologies

A blog post doesn’t need to be formal and super technical. It has to be conversational and light in order to engross readers and new visitors. Some blogs just put chunks after chunks of paragraphs on their site, which is a terrible thing to do because it rubs readers the wrong way. Always keep you paragraphs short and use bullets as much as possible. Keep in mind that you’re writing for the general masses so avoid using colloquial terminologies or slang that are known to a certain culture only.

7. Lack of Email Opt-In Forms

Not collecting email addresses is a tremendous mistake in business blogging because you’re losing all the potential customers and subscribers without you even knowing it. It’s important to always incorporate email opt-in forms on the sidebar so curious readers will freely sign up for a subscription. Always remember that you’re blogging for an audience that’s why you need to guarantee that you’re giving them what they need. Once you gained a loyal list of subscribers, keep improving what you’re doing and reap the benefits.

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