The Importance of Hiring Keynote Speakers

When planning for an event, a keynote speaker might not be the first individual that the organizers think about, but once they discover the numerous benefits of getting one, they might just change their mind. Keynote speakers are well-known personalities who are hired to explain the topic of the event in an entertaining and effective way. Their techniques normally focus on emotions.

A Keynote Speaker Attracts an Audience

Keynote SpeakerEvent organizers need to hire someone who would deliver the keynote address so that the gathering would be successful. For example, a product launch would have a big crowd if a famous personality would grace the event. Famous speakers not only draw a large audience, but they also increase the credibility of the product being launched because most people will associate it with the famous personality. So, before the program even begins, the venue will be full of people willing to listen.

A keynote speaker would tell some jokes, sing, and would get very emotional just to keep the audience entertained, interested, and willing to accept everything the event has in store. Moreover, the members of the audience have some personal things going through their minds. So, when these people get together, it is necessary to get their complete attention – something that could only be achieved by excellent keynote speakers.

Create Awareness and Make a Point Clear

When delivering a keynote address, the speaker would do it in a heartbreaking manner if necessary, just to make a point clear and let the audience understand the topic from a whole new standpoint. The topic will not be just a set of words that do not make sense any longer; it will be something more relatable for everyone in the audience.

There are also lots of different techniques that keynote speakers could use to get in touch with the audience and create an atmosphere of inspiration. Of course, when people are inspired, they speak their minds and pay more attention. Aside from ensuring that members of the audience end up inspired, hiring a keynote speaker would give the organizers an opportunity to create awareness regarding all things that are part of the program.

The speaker that will be hired must be from a particular area of interest. For example, if the event is about animal rescue, maybe an animal activist or veterinarian would be the best person to deliver the keynote speech. Here’s an important thing to take note of when hiring a speaker – the organizers need to make sure that they know a lot about the one they’ve chosen. To know whether a speaker’s style is appropriate for the event, listen to a few sample speeches.

The Event Can Be a Success or a Failure

Keynote speakers can be anyone from the organization, but remember that hiring one can be the difference between a successful and a failed event. So, it’s best to get someone who’s not merely willing to deliver the keynote but actually believes in the significance of the entire program. Keynote speakers should at least know something about the organization they’re going to represent. They must know what is expected of them.

Interview the Speaker

Keynote SpeakerBefore hiring someone for the event, be sure to evaluate every option available. Find out what they have done before and review their past speeches. It may be risky to hire someone who has no website or no YouTube videos that serve as proof of his credibility and accomplishments.

After learning just how important it is to get the right speaker, you should take your search much more seriously – getting the right person might not be easy, but doing so is the only way to guarantee positive outcomes.

Choose the Right Material and Attachment for your Custom Lanyards

There are a hundred different ways to personalize custom lanyards. Most people think it is just a matter of printing unique logos and designs on the lanyard. It actually goes beyond that.

For one thing, custom lanyards come in all sorts of material. The most common type is the one that hangs around the neck, so for this type, manufacturers often use soft or smooth textured textiles to make the products because they will come in contact with the user’s neck. It will not do to have a fancy and interesting looking lanyard when it itches or the material tends to be abrasive after using it for a long period of time.

Satin is a good choice for this. This is smooth and works well with silkscreen. Those made from satin will be comfortable and easy to use.

High quality polyester is a good choice for custom lanyards. They tend to be superior in feel and appearance, but not expensive.

Optiweave is an interesting choice as some people say that it is softer than polyester. Then you have other types like paracord, braided leather, nylon, silk and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Custom lanyardsAll these are different and have their own advantages over the others. However, choosing the best kind for your custom lanyards all depends on your personal preferences and requirements. Budget is also an important factor to consider. The type of event is another crucial factor because you would not want to use cheap looking materials if you intend to use the lanyards in a high profile and sophisticated event.

Other than material, you should also look into the types of attachments that go at the end of the lanyard. These vary as well, depending on what object the lanyards are meant to hold.

One example of a clip is a nickel-plated swivel hook, usually in black. There are also detachable attachments to allow more than one object on the clip. Then you have badge reels and badge clips. Your company might not care much about the type of textile used for as long as it shows quality, but your facility or department might require a specific type of attachment depending on how your personnel use their lanyards.

For example, let’s look at the badge reel attachment. Some prefer this over the typical hook for certain reasons. Let us say you are a tall guy but you tend to stoop down to access the doorknob or to reach the access control of your facility because your badge or key card is hanging from around your neck on the lanyard. Instead of taking off the lanyard, which will cause you to lose precious minutes that accumulate in significant amounts over the long run, you can just pull on your key or your access card without having to stoop down or remove the thing from around your neck.

When you’re done using it, the badge reel allows the key/card to snap back as the elastic cord rolls right back up into the reel.

This is also important if your work involves you with a computer that you need to access with your ID. You do not need to remove your ID and risk forgetting it at your desk after you use it on your computer. You can just pull it out whenever you need it. However, it stays on your person at all times so that you maintain control and you eliminate the risk of forgetting it somewhere.

Hooks and clips do the job well, but clearly, a badge reel offers so much more convenience and succeeds in making the lanyard even more useful than it was. This is a clear example of how custom lanyards can undergo all sorts of customization to fit your needs.

The Evolution of the American Military Coins

You might not have heard of military coins but you probably have seen them, at least in the movies—the ones that are pinned to a soldier’s badge or uniform. Though these coins look like regular currency coins at first glance, they actually bear a design unique to the characteristics of a certain military unit. Symbols and mottos of the union are engraved on either zinc alloy or bronze plates. Most of these coins are circular or square; however, pentagon-shaped, shield-like, and dog tag-like ones are increasingly becoming popular.

The Origin of the Coin

military coinsMilitary coins, which are also called challenge coins, can be traced way back to World War I. During this time, soldiers, both men and women, were given military coins as a sign of camaraderie and unity. The bearer of the coin had to live up to the honor, having to prove that he is worth it and the accolade entrusted upon him by the state. The avenues through which a man could prove his credibility to have the coin were to fight during a war in service to his nation, get involved in patriotic campaigns, or offer any special service to his community. These coins are also given as a medal of service to the soldiers when they retire, a good remembrance to what they have done for the country.

Examples of Existing Coins

The US government have a specific coin designed for each military service; examples of which are the Marine Corps coins, the Navy coins, and the Vietnam challenge coins. These coins are a source of pride to the soldiers who have them. Sometimes, the coins also show the soldiers’ ranks during their service; and the soldiers have every right to put these coins in their badge and display them. This is the reason why any country would willingly spend a lot to mint and distribute this type of coin to its soldiers.

The Evolution of its Design

The design of these coins has evolved with time. Compared to the coins in the past that come with two colors at best, the coins now can have more varying colors, paving the way to more options in design. This change in the physical appearance of these coins is a result of the improvement in technology in both coin minting and design. In the past, most military coins were also not as good as they had faint emblems. Their prints could also not be easily read. Today the coins have more prominent insignia and crispier letter edgings.

Another improvement that has been made possible recently is that these coins are no longer limited to the people who are and have been a member of a military unit. Anyone can now have these coins custom-made so that they’ll resemble the ones distributed in camps. Personal specifications, such as adding one’s name, can also be requested to suit one’s taste and preferences. Additionally, ordering in bulk is also no longer required; in fact, one can order just one custom-made coin without blowing away one’s budget. This is because manufacturers now have 3D printing tools, which allows coin makers to achieve even the most complicated designs while cutting the production cost more than in half.

Other Uses of Military Coins

The use of challenge coins has evolved over the years. The government and some private societies started using it to show alliance. They are used as presents to highly valued guests in the country or in an organization. The American presidents have been trading coins with dignitaries, especially to the heads of states or other countries who visit the White House.


Military coins, which are also called challenge coins, can be traced way back to World War I

Dressed to Thrill in The Golf Course

Their golf game could be the best in the world, but could they be the best dressed too? Here is a list of golf pros and their golf fashion info.

Hole Number 1 Par 5

Tiger Woods has a sleek stylish fashion that complements his built. Usually he just goes for the T shirt with his sponsor’s logo in it. During the first three days he puts on a black, white or once in a while a blue shirt. On the last day of the tournament, the color definitely has to be red.

Hole Number 2 Par 3

golf apparelThe Irish born Rory McIlroy who is now the world’s number one golfer and joined Nicklaus and Woods in the elite three major wins at age 25, gears up with his cozy shirt with a shade of gray or blue and slacks complete with a shiny belt buckle. Throw in a hat or two of different colors to complete the ensemble. He has the same sponsor as Woods, who coincidentally was world number one for quite some time.

Hole Number 3 Par 4

9-time major winner Gary Player of South Africa looked elegant in his entire black golf apparel every time he went out on the course. The Dark Knight as he was called because of his chosen style was the third player to conquer all four major tournaments of golf otherwise known as the Grand Slam of golf.

Hole Number 4 Par 5

Who could get away with wearing cartoon characters as a design on their trousers? The answer is power hitter John Daly.

Daly’s fashion style on the course as analysts would say, was like he was about to go to bed wearing pajama like pants with loud designs.

Hole Number 5 Par 3

Solid as his gameplay is Phil Mickelson’s choice of clothing to wear on the links.

Usually in dark color shirts and slacks, Mickelson also makes sure to bring his contagious smile with him especially when he hits good shots.

Hole Number 6 Par 4

Masters Champion Freddie Couples has a knack of wearing white cotton shirts with his sponsor’s name on it. Brown slacks are the usual combination for the gentleman from Seattle Washington.

Since the golf apparel of his choice seems so comfortable to wear, it seems to have a lasting effect on his golf swing that it has been praised so many times by commentators for being so smooth and relaxed.

Hole Number 7 Par 4

A famous designer’s signature striped shirts are the fancy of Couple’s favorite team mate during the World Cup of Golf, Davis Love III. Just like his partner, Love likes to keep it plain and simple while on the course. Slacks and a ball cap add to the outfit of the professional golfer who never left the top ten listsfor eight consecutive years.

Hole Number 8 Par 5

Golf heart throb Camilo Villegas of Colombia looks like he always stepped out of a men’s magazine. Loud colors sometimes are the choice of the golfer who turned professional in 2004. His clothes are tailor made for him by a famous designer from Sweden.

Hole Number 9 Par 3

One of the most memorable golf apparel worn by any professional player was that of the late Payne Stewart. By reviving a thing of the past, Payne Stewart made his way to the winner’s circle when he decided to change his golf apparel.

Shifting from the traditional attire to the classic knickers which were used during the earlier days of golf, Stewart started to win tournaments left and right. The player who has won three major championships changed the golfing fashion world when he consistently wore plus fours and what is known as a newspaper boy’s cap.

It was a welcoming sight to the public as they may have grown tired of seeing the same type of golf apparel from the players who played more for prestige than for money.

Even the football league decided to join in by contracting the golfer who was born in Springfield Missouri to wear the team color of the state he was playing in.

Stewart’s fashion sense could have continued had he not tragically been killed when the plane that he was riding lost cabin pressure and crashed in a field in South Dakota after losing fuel.

Gone are the days when players just amazed the spectators with their precision shot making, they also must be dressed to thrill!

Dealing with Movable Cubicles

Movable cubicles have found their way into a variety of industries and recreational purposes. Handling them can seem like a daunting task but it’s easy to get the hang of it. Here are some things that will make it easier for you.

Know what they are for. They are mainly containers for a variety of objects and substances. There are various shipping containers: the largest ones are steel giants up to 45 feet while the smallest ones are as simple as a small corrugated box. They may be used to store items temporarily or indefinitely. They are likewise used for shipping. Large steel containers are sometimes used as shelters.

Movable cubiclesThink about how you’ll use them. You have to be clear on what you’ll do with the containers so that you can get the right kind. If you’re not sure if movable cubicles are appropriate for the task you have in mind, better ask the shipping container company about it. This will prevent the improper handling of the cubicles and its consequences.

Consider the characteristics of the cubicles. Here are some things to take note:

  • Type of material. Are your containers good enough for the things you intend to put in them? Movable cubicles are made from metals, plastics, cardboard, insulated materials, and so on. Ask about whether the kind of item can be safely stored in the container. For example, if you plan to transport grains, consider transporting it in a tightly sealed container instead of a corrugated box, which has gaps on its edges.
  • Size. Estimate how large your cubicle needs to be to adequately carry the number, the weight and the kind of objects you have. You should also consider the space where you’ll keep the containers. Some cubicles are stackable so it will save space, but make sure that you have what is needed to transport and pile them up.
  • Weight. The heavier the container, the more effort is need to move them about and the pricier the freight charges become. However, the extra weight may be needed for security and stability so avoid cutting corners. If you need steel containers for heavy objects such as vehicles, it’s unwise to choose plastic ones just because they’re cheaper.
  • Brand new or reused. Shipping cubicles are often recycled because of their durability. That means they can be used for carrying different sorts of items. It’s possible that the previous cargo may leave some spills or stenches within the container. If sterility is important, it’s better to purchase a new container if cleaning it thoroughly is not possible.
  • Security. Valuable shipments need to be locked in the container securely. Drums and boxes alone may not be enough to prevent robbers but locked steel chambers will. You can inquire about the safety features of each containers – there are high grade security options for those who are transporting expensive and luxury goods such as electronics, money, jewelry, cars, and the like.
  • Aesthetic appeal. When the container will be seen or if it will be used for displays, such as when it will be converted into a type of abode, its style and appearance will also matter. These containers may be painted or decorated according to client specifications.

Upgrading Movable cubicles

Before deciding to modify containers, make sure that it’s permitted by the company that supplies them. Only an outright purchase of the container entitles you to do whatever you like with it. Here are some ideas:

  • Expanding its storage capacity by adding components
  • Installing additional features like shock absorbers, wheels, etc.
  • Cutting out windows and entrances for people (for huge containers)
  • Modifying the overall design
  • Doing repairs

There are infinite possibilities for using and modifying movable cubicles. Have fun in exploring the potential of these versatile containers.

How to Sell Your Garden City New York Real Estate

With an unstable economy where there is greater supply than demand, it would be easier to sell your house if you know how to sell your Garden City New York real estate by lowering its price. However, there are other ways to get a sure sale without compromising the price and instead get more than what your house is really worth. There are several ways to make your property attractive without jeopardizing the price. Some of these ways are the following:

Improve Your Home’s Appearance

li-realestatefinderTo make your house more attractive to prospective buyers, improve it before putting it on sale. Perhaps you can consider trimming your lawn or adding to the existing landscape. Replacing your roof can also be a good idea or you can change your windows to make them look more contemporary or modern. This will not only add value to your home, it will also increase its aesthetic appeal. Choose your replacements and improvements well. They don’t have to be expensive; just make them look appealing with the design, color, and even arrangement. Make sure that your improvements would complement your other house amenities. Consult an architect or you can just look at home magazines and websites for inspiration. When improving your house, do not overspend because the additional price may discourage buyers from considering your property, let alone actually buying it. If you have added some interesting features in your house such as a wet room or brand new roof shingles, include them in the home listing information to put an edge over your competitors.

Clean the Area

Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Of course, you will not choose a house that is in disarray. Thus, make your Garden City New York real estate attractive to buyers by cleaning the house and its surroundings. Makes sure that the windows are clean, the plants are well-tended, and other details that would give the impression that your house is well-maintained and not worn down. Buyers want to picture themselves and their possessions in the house so make sure to remove your photographs and other personal items in the house. You can also put away some furniture to make the house look bigger. If you want to sell the house pretty fast, consider hiring a home staging specialist, then visit

Offer Irresistible Deals

In a tough economy, buyers would always look for great deals that would give them more value for their money. Thus, offer deals that would minimize the buyer’s expenses such as a transferrable home warranty. A home warranty costs somewhere around $300 to $400 a year and covers the air conditioning system and appliance problems. In some instances, a home warranty also includes home gadgets and other appliances. If a buyer gets this, he would save hundreds of dollars while getting the protection offered by the home warranty. Also, you can make your Garden City New York real estate more attractive by giving the buyer the option to close the deal in as little as 30 to 60 days.

Make Your Home Available for Moving In

To make your home more inviting, make sure to give your potential buyer an idea that they can move in anytime you close the deal with them. Check the plumbing fixtures and ensure that they are in top condition. A buyer would want to have a hassle-free new home when he transfers and not worry about fixing and replacing certain areas in the house.

Things to Consider in ID Lanyards

ID lanyards remain highly popular today, whether you use it to hold your identification cards or badges for work or school, or to secure your gadgets and electronic devices, and so on. Before ordering a batch of lanyards for your use, here are some of the things you would have to take into account first.

ID LanyardsFirst, of course, is your budget. Determine how much you would be willing to spend on ID lanyards. There is no fixed price for ID lanyards—it will depend on the material you use and the methods you employ in making the lanyard. Generally, the more expensive it is, the better the quality would be (note—only generally). This does not mean, however, that the less expensive variants are always of poor quality. That is not always the case—although it would depend largely on the manufacturer of the lanyards if he can make top-quality products by charging as low as possible.

Next, consider the design. You can have the manufacturer come up with a design for your lanyard, or you can do it on your own, or with a team. If you have many ideas on what the lanyard should look like, and if there are many elements that you want to incorporate in the design, it is better if you provide the manufacturer with a copy instead. That is, of course, if you require a customized one. Blank lanyards are also available, coming only in one or two colors. For personal use, blank lanyards will do. However, if you intend to use the lanyards for a public or commercial event, for raising awareness for a cause, or for identification with a group or institution, it is obviously imperative for you to come up with a customized design.

Another thing you would have to consider is the safety of the lanyard. ID lanyards come with break away or non-break away straps—the difference being you can remove the lower portion of your lanyard with the former, but you cannot do it with the latter. This is an important security consideration, as it could spell the difference between injury and safety. Break away types are preferred, since you will be able to detach the rest of the lanyard during an emergency if necessary—for instance, if your lanyard gets stuck on something or is grabbed by someone. Just imagine: you are outside a train on the station, your lanyard gets stuck on the closing doors, and the train starts to move. In that case, you would be very glad to have gotten a break away lanyard for yourself instead.

The attachment style is also very crucial. There are multiple types to choose from, but base your choice on what items you intend to use the lanyard on. Naturally, you would have to go with sturdier attachments if you would be using the lanyard for electronic devices, while the lighter ones will do just fine with identification cards, tickets, passes, or badges. Ask for some assistance from your manufacturer to help you decide what the best attachments to use are.

Lastly, the manufacturer is perhaps one of the most important considerations here—consider it the final yet the most difficult test. Regardless of what you choose in terms of cost-effectiveness, aesthetics, safety, and attachments, it will all be useless if you find a manufacturer who cannot deliver up to your set and specified standards. It is best to find trusted names in the business—you can ask friends and acquaintances if they have some recommendations for you to try and check out. You can go over online reviews as well, to help you choose.